what is outdoor education?

Learning doesn’t always have to take place in a classroom situation. It can, therefore, take the form of outdoor education. This essentially refers to education aimed at promoting healthy relationships through experiences carried out in the outdoors. Don’t confuse it with activities done in the outdoors merely for recreational purposes. Outdoor education is offered in children's residential care

Outdoor education is mainly done for the following purposes:

  • Building a sense of community. So much takes place during outdoor learning expeditions including sharing buses and cabins. Other activities such as group work during fieldwork can help children build lasting relationships.

  • Learning outdoor survival skills. The children get to cook, wash dishes, clean the camp and sleeping area, and participate in projects that help leave the camping site better. Thus they learn what it takes to rise to the occasion in similar settings in the future.

  • Building a sense of connection. Since the program majorly involves children taking care of each other, they are able to connect better with others.

  • Building a culture. It is when people share the same language, purpose, values, and connection that they can be said to have a culture. During the time when they are out in the field, children get to develop a great sense of culture.

As you can see, outdoor education plays a very important role in helping the children in residential care to get over their emotional and behavioural issues.

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